YashicaPi camera

Progress: I can’t fit the electronics inside the camera body

I’ve met a surprising resistance to the project. Something I should have foreseen but which I have not thought about. In my eager to complete the code I have not tried to mount all the electronics inside the camera body. Despite the fact that the camera body is huge I have no room for the Raspberry Pi and other electronics inside the camera body.

To quote Homer Simpson: Doohh…!

As I dismantle more and more of the camera body I get greater respect for good craftsmanship in this camera. Every single detail is thought of and solved with ingenuity. The camera is made at a time when metal was less expensive than plastic. This allows the camera body consisting mainly of metal and molded in a form that challenges the project.

I’m now standing at a crossroads where I can continue to dismantle the camera inside or mount it all together again. A further disassembly will cause that I have to cut away pieces that are not intended to be removed or modified.

I need a power tool such as a Dremel that can cut away the metal.